Nikki the Ninja

Nikki the Ninja 1.3

A bloody ninja fighting game; too bad the graphics are poor
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Nikki the Ninja tells a sad story of a devote Ninja fighter called Nikki who has a younger sister. Nikki wants to train her to continue the tradition on her family, but one dark night his sister gets kidnapped by some strange ninja-master who practices dark cults with children.

That's how the story begins, so you must go through 20 difficult levels in order to get your sister back at any cost. Of course the long path will be infested with enemy ninja fighters that you must defeat. They appear everywhere, jumping very high and throwing deadly shurikens. Sounds good, but the truth is totally the opposite.

First, the graphics are dark and too simple. Even the cutscenes (story mode) are poorly designed and don't look so nice. Blood is omnipresent over the game: every little damage caused or received is followed by a blood splash, sometimes the characters disappear under all that blood.

Sound is like those old-school 8-bit console games, very poor too, with an awful background music. Better to mute your speakers before you play. The game controls are combined: you need to use both the mouse and the keyboard arrows to control the character. If you are not skilled, you will be looking the flowers grow underground very soon.

In sum, I prefer to spend my precious time elsewhere rather than playing this game. No regrets...

Review summary


  • Fast download


  • Runtime errors
  • Poor graphics, sound and playability
  • Limited and difficult controls
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